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Questions for Hiring a Special Needs Caregiver

In-home care for special needs children is a great option for working parents, senior parents of adult special needs children or parents who need a little break now and then. It allows your kids to feel comfortable in a familiar environment and helps them to feel safe by keeping their schedule predictable and consistent.

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Coming to Terms with Your Partner’s Dementia

If your partner is diagnosed with dementia, your relationship with him or her will inevitably change as the disease progresses. Your spouse will become confused, lose short-term memory and be unable to recognize you and others they have known for decades.

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Four Facts on Dementia and Incontinence

Navigating a new diagnosis of dementia can be challenging for older adults and their loved ones. Even for those who have had dementia for many years, the onset of new symptoms such as bladder or bowel incontinence can be concerning or difficult in many ways.

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10 Ways to Improve Dementia Patients’ Quality of Life

Dementia affects approximately 4 to 5 million people across the United States and is one of the leading causes of death among seniors over 65. Dementia differs from general cognitive decline due to aging in that functioning decreases more rapidly and interferes significantly with daily activities.

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