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What if I Suspect My Mother Has Dementia?

2023-10-05T15:30:51+00:00October 2, 2023|Alzheimer's & Dementia, Company News|

Mom’s forgetfulness has now reached the point you suspect she has dementia. What should you do? When you’re dealing with aging in a place loved ones may have dementia, providing them with the care they need can be challenging. But doing so is possible when you use this approach.

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What is ‘Sundowning?’

2023-11-03T13:13:13+00:00September 11, 2023|Alzheimer's & Dementia|

People who have spent a great deal of time with those with Alzheimer’s disease begin to notice behavioral patterns that are common between them. One of the most commonly recognized behavioral patterns associated with dementia is confusion, agitation and aggression associated with the late afternoon when the sun is setting. This phenomenon is known as sundowning and has been well-recognized within the medical and healthcare setting as well as in the literature in the fields of neurology and brain health.

Hospital-to-Home Talks with Your Elderly Loved One

2023-11-03T13:17:37+00:00September 4, 2023|Senior Care Advice|

Do you have a loved one who will soon be needing in-home care, especially after major surgery? Then you will soon know the feeling of having your routines disrupted almost beyond recognition. Often, the most difficult part of this is having to discuss, with the household's newest member, how things will be run. This seemingly arduous task can be made easier by what you do and say in the time leading up to the introduction of your loved one into the household.

Questions for Hiring a Special Needs Caregiver

2023-11-03T13:22:26+00:00August 14, 2023|In-Home Care, Senior Care Advice|

In-home care for special needs children is a great option for working parents, senior parents of adult special needs children or parents who need a little break now and then. It allows your kids to feel comfortable in a familiar environment and helps them to feel safe by keeping their schedule predictable and consistent.

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