Compassionate Non-Medical Home Care Excellence.

A Trusted Leader in Connecticut for Non-Medical Companions and Homemaker Services.

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Compassionate Non-Medical Home Care Excellence.

Companions Forever has been a beacon of compassionate non-medical home care for over three decades, delivering live-in companion and hourly homemaker services to thousands of satisfied clients across Connecticut. We are committed to empowering you or your loved ones to maintain independence within the familiar comfort of your home, receiving precisely the non-medical support needed from our devoted caregivers. Our staff is on hand 24/7, ready to assist you.

Personalized Care Tailored to Your Needs.

  • Commitment to offering as much or as little non-medical care as you need
  • No long-term commitments: we are here for you if you or a loved one require our services
  • Matching caregivers to each unique individual we serve
  • Ensuring a personalized fit for every need with various levels of service and expertise

Why Consider Non-Medical Companion or Homemaker Services?

Choosing non-medical homemaker or companion services with Companions Forever means embracing independence within the comfort of your home, supported by a dedicated caregiver.
The benefits of these services include:

  • Maintaining Independence: Enjoy independence without disrupting established routines and surroundings.
  • Personalized Non-Medical Services: Receive dedicated in-home non-medical care
    tailored to your specific needs, available as required.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Immerse yourself in a better quality of life surrounded by the comforts of home, family, friends, and pets.
  • Convenient Non-Medical Transportation: Access transportation for non-medical needs, ensuring you remain connected to essential services.

Experience the difference with Companions Forever, where your well-being is our priority.
Contact us to discover how our non-medical companion and homemaker services can enhance
your independence and overall quality of life.

We offer in-home support so that individuals can continue living independently.

Companions Forever provides in-home services that allows people to continue living safely and happily in their own homes. If you or a loved one needs a little help performing day-to-day tasks, contact us today at 860-524-8550 or click below for a complimentary evaluation.

Explore The Variety Of In-home Care Services We Offer:

Companions & Homemakers offers non-medical compassionate and client-tailored services to meet your requirements and the requests of your elderly loved one.

Flexible Hourly Home Care Services in Connecticut

Tailored Support When You Need It

Companions Forever goes beyond with adaptable hourly home care services, offering you the freedom to choose assistance when needed and providing a range of options to suit your unique requirements.

Companion Services:
In-home companion services focus on creating a supportive environment for those needing
assistance. Duties include:

  • Crafting a cozy atmosphere
  • Assisting with phone calls and correspondence
  • Engaging in recreational activities and friendly conversations
  • Overseeing errands and activities
  • Providing transportation for medical appointments and outings
  • Meal planning, preparation, shopping, light housekeeping, and laundry

Homemaker Services:

Building upon companion services, homemaker services cater to those needing extra support in
managing their household. In addition to companion duties, homemaker services include:

  • Light laundry
  • Vacuuming and maintaining a clean-living space
  • Dusting and tidying surfaces
  • Changing bed linens
  • Washing and putting away dishes
  • Cleaning and washing floors
  • Transportation for medical appointments, shopping, visits, and more

Discover the freedom of choosing when and how you receive assistance with our Hourly Home Care Services. Contact Companions Forever for personalized support that suits your unique needs, enhancing your daily life.

Tailored Live-In Home Care Services in Connecticut

24/7 Support for Continuous Independence

Our Live-In Home Care offers ongoing assistance for individuals in need of around-the-clock
support. Clients receive consistent support from a dedicated live-in companion, ensuring
comfort and familiarity while addressing significant needs.

What Live-In Care Includes:

  • Social interaction and companionship
  • Mobility assistance and transportation
  • Transportation to appointments and outings
  • Daily household tasks (cooking, cleaning, laundry)

How Live-In Care Works:
Our personalized approach matches clients with a qualified live-in companion, assisting with daily tasks. The companion adapts to evolving needs, preserving independence and dignity.
Over time, these companions often become cherished friends, offering a crucial “eyes and ears” presence at home.

Living Arrangements:
Flexible arrangements cater to the client’s needs. Like helpful roommates, live-in caregivers have designated spaces for rest and personal items. Temporary replacements ensure seamless care during breaks.

Benefits of Live-In Care:

  • Reduces loneliness and isolation
  • Cost-effective alternative to institutional care
  • Adaptable to various living environments
  • Continuous presence enhances safety
  • Personalized care maintains independence and interests
  • Reduced exposure risk by minimizing visitor traffic
  • Long-term care policy coverage with little or no out-of-pocket cost

Our Exceptional Live-In Companions:
Dedicated and experienced, our live-in companions collaborate with families to provide
essential services. With some team members serving for over 20 years, these professionals
undergo ongoing training and enjoy recognition programs. Their commitment ensures stability and quality care for our clients.

Explore our Hourly Home Care services for additional options. Contact Companions Forever for personalized Live-In Home support prioritizing your loved one’s well-being and independence.

Compassionate Non-medical In-home Services Tailored for Veterans

Paying Tribute to Veterans with Tailored In-Home Assistance

Our companions receive specific training in non-medical veteran care, ensuring they possess the expertise to provide exceptional support for those who have served our country. As a testament to our commitment to veterans, we deliver personalized services, including:

Veteran-Centric Approach:
Tailored care plans that consider the physical, emotional, and mental well-being
of our veteran clients.

Specialized Training:

  • Caregivers undergo specialized training that is focused on veteran-centric care.
  • Addressing post-service health conditions, including PTSD, physical disabilities, and age-related concerns.

Respect for Military Service:
A deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by veterans in service to our nation.

Companionship and Camaraderie:
Beyond providing in-home services, we provide companionship and a friendly presence, fostering a sense of camaraderie.

Flexible Scheduling:
Customizable schedules to accommodate medical appointments, and other
veteran-specific needs.

Independence and Dignity:

  • Empowering veterans to maintain their independence while receiving the
    support they require.
  • Respectful assistance that upholds the dignity of each individual we serve.

Holistic Wellness:

  • Holistic non-medical care that addresses physical, emotional, and social aspects
    of veterans’ well-being.
  • Support for families and caregivers, recognizing their integral role in the overall
    care journey.

Our Vision

To help you live your best possible life.

We serve a diverse population from young to old, from every race and background. Every client is treated with love and compassion. We work with many different payor sources from Medicaid to private pay, workers’ compensation to long-term care insurance to private insurance.

Companions Forever is an employee-friendly company. We focus on our employees to ensure they have a healthy work and life balance. Our employees become our family, and through excellent training and support, they are ready to serve our clients with a fresh perspective on successful aging.

Mission Statement

We partner with you to provide holistic, and dignified care at home.

We also know how important “home” is to most people. It is where people feel the safest. Companions Forever wants to ensure all our clients can receive the care they need at home, wherever that might be; our caregivers and clinicians will make that happen to keep you safe and protected, so you can “live your best possible life.”




  • We listen with kindness and respect.
  • Caring with patience and understanding.


  • Be the voice for the patient and a champion for the best possible outcome.
  • Influence the policies that govern our industry.



  • We honor our commitments and are accountable for
    our actions.
  • Committed to compliance and integrity.
  • Be consistent and reliable.
  • Communicate effectively with clients, families, coworkers, case managers, and other partners.


  • To be the best at everything we do.
  • We are committed to training, educating, reorganizing, and rewarding our teammates.
  • We will always strive to do the right thing to get the best results.

We partner with you to provide dignified care at home.

Ready to take the next step? Together, we can enhance your loved one’s safety, health, and well-being, while providing peace of mind to you and your family. Complete the form below or click to find a location near you.

Extraordinary care provided by exceptional caregivers.

Our In-home support services are designed to assist you in the best way possible. Our compassionate caregivers will help you bloom in place!

Life should still be filled with purpose and enjoyment.

Our clients are thriving in the comfort of a place they know best… their homes.

Our clients are thriving in the comfort of a place they know best…their homes

Our clients are thriving in the comfort of a place they know best… their homes.