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About Allegiant Home Care

Allegiant Home Care was founded in 2010 to fundamentally improve the quality of in-home health services. We work with families to solve a wide range of health-related issues, making complicated situations manageable and improving the lives of both our clients and their loved ones.

At Allegiant, we’re dedicated to being a good neighbor and positive influence in the communities we serve. We offer complimentary health counseling to anyone in our coverage area to help individuals understand their insurance benefits and caregiver options. Even if it means the individual doesn’t choose Allegiant, we pride ourselves on matching people with the most appropriate caregivers for their needs and insurance plan, free of charge. We also provide free community health services through our outreach programs, including blood pressure checks, heart rate monitoring, and other routine tests for common health concerns.

We’re proud to hire locally in the communities we serve and have employed over a thousand healthcare professionals across our service areas. In many cases, we pay for the certifications our employees need in order to work with our clients, including covering the cost of new certifications for those who are currently unemployed or recently immigrated to the United States. Once employed, our health professionals receive ongoing professional development and training free of charge. Many of our health aides stay with Allegiant long-term, while others have used the training we provided to take positions in emergency services, hospitals, or other high-level health occupations.


To help you live your best possible life.

Mission Statement

We partner with you to provide holistic, dignified care at home.



  • We listen with kindness and respect.
  • Caring with patience and understanding.


  • Be the voice for the patient and a champion for the best possible outcome.
  • Influence the policies that govern our industry.


  • We honor our commitments and are accountable for our actions.
  • Committed to compliance and integrity.
  • Be consistent and reliable.
  • Communicate effectively with clients, families, coworkers, case managers, and other partners.


  • To be the best at everything we do.
  • We are committed to training, educating, reorganizing, and rewarding our teammates.
  • We will always strive to do the right thing to get the best results.

We serve a diverse population from young to old, from every race and background. Every client is treated with love and compassion. We work with many different payor sources from Medicaid to private pay, workers’ compensation to long term care insurance to private insurance.

Allegiant Home Care is an employee-friendly company. We focus on our employees to ensure they have a healthy work and life balance. Our employees become our family, and through excellent training and support, they are ready to serve our clients with a fresh perspective on successful aging.

We also know how important “home” is to most people. It is where people feel the safest. Allegiant Home Care wants to ensure all our clients can receive the care they need at home, wherever that might be; our caregivers and clinicians will make that happen to keep you safe and protected, so you can “live your best possible life”!

Our Story


Accord Services was founded to provide a smooth hospital-to-home transition for catastrophic injury patients coming out of Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Our approach to client care includes medical and emotional support, as we recognize the need for a holistic approach to well-being,

Allegiant Home Care was founded to fundamentally improve the quality of in-home health services. We work with families to solve a wide range of health-related issues, making complicated situations manageable and improving the lives of both our clients and their loved ones.



A Hand to Hold was founded with a mission of making the elderly care experience a better one. With the professional guidance and oversight of our Care Managers, we are able to make the home care experience better - one client, one family at a time!

March 2020
AccordCare, a private duty and complex clinical home care company formed by the integration of three companies: Accord Services, A Hand to Hold, and Allegiant Home Care.

November 2020
Health Force in Buffalo, NY joins the AccordCare Family of Companies

December 2020
Companions Forever in Hartford / New Haven CT joins the AccordCare Family of Companies



Health Force in Buffalo, NY and Companions Forever in Harford / New Haven CT join the AccordCare family of companies.

Our Emblem

The AccordCare emblem is called our “Enfolded Heart.” It symbolizes our caring and compassion for our clients. The image shows a blanket that represents our caregivers being thrown over a heart that represents our client. Making sure they always feel a trusted partner is sheltering them from the trials they may be experiencing. You may also recognize that the logo resembles a “pin drop,” letting our clients, families, and referral sources know you have arrived at AccordCare, who will help you “live your best possible life.”