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Trusted by the Department of Defense for all screenings at Fort Benning, Georgia

Trained healthcare providers with registered nurses or nurse practitioners as supervisors

We cover all staffing and equipment needs, including sourcing your organizations PPE needs

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Compassionate Caregivers

Quality Care Built Around You.

We understand that elderly home caregiving is more than just providing a service, it is a commitment made between Companions Forever and our clients. We are here to enhance the lives of seniors and keep them in the comfort of their own home.


Personalized Planning

Our approach is to understand you and your specific needs. From how you like your breakfast in the morning to your favorite TV shows, we are compassionate in the services we provide and will develop personalized plans built around you.



We are a full-service agency, meaning we cover the companionship and homemaking of seniors. Our caregivers are insured and follow a plan built around your needs. Our caregivers keep a journal, recording their activities each day. They also document any changes that could require a modifications to the services they provide.


Around the Clock Support

We are here to listen and be attentive to your needs. We are available whenever you need us - 24 hours a day,7 days a week. Need your caregiver to come on the weekends? We can arrange that. Want to talk to a Client Relations team member? They are available around the clock and regularly conduct house visits.



We are passionate people!  Not only do our caregivers get to know you, so does our entire team in the office. We are thoughtful in our approach and believe in the value of elderly home services. Keeping seniors happy and comfortable in their own home is our #1 focus.

Let Our Family Care for Your Family

Companions Forever provides in-home services that allows people to continue living safely and happily in their own homes. If you or a loved one needs a little help performing day-to-day tasks, contact us today at 860-524-8550 or click below for a complimentary evaluation.

Additional Resources

Knowledge is power. We invite you to visit Companions Forever Knowledge Center and learn more about issues related to aging and seniors.

Our 4-Step Process for In-Home Services

Step 1: Home Visit

Schedule a home visit to assess your needs and explain in more depth about our in-home services.

Step 2: Individualized Plan

We develop an individualized plan, detailing a schedule, services needed, dietary requirements, and favorite shows and hobbies. As a result, we provide a personalized and high-quality in-home experience.

Step 3: Carefully Matched Caregivers

We work diligently to find the right caregiver for every senior. A carefully matched caregiver makes the most out of elderly home care.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

Our mobile app allows you to keep up to date in real time with the care provided at home and we are in contact with you to ensure that your needs are being met.

Companions Forever Service Area

Our Process

How It Works

  • We start with a pre-implementation site visit to determine site-specific requirements such as supply needs, staffing hours, escalation procedures, access points, traffic flow estimates & reporting preferences.
  • Each on-site medical professional will complete full training on your specific facility as well as applicable training following HIPAA, OSHA, and CDC guidelines.3.
  • Each of our trained medical professionals will have a thorough back ground check and extensive training on COVID 19 specific symptoms
  • We will station our medical professionals at each entrance, and equip them with personal protective equipment, a no-touch infrared thermometer, and other testing supplies as needed.
  • In addition to checking each entrant’s temperature, we can administer a CDC-recommended questionnaire about symptoms & recent exposure, depending on traffic flow and site requirements.
  • If someone fails the screen, we’ll immediately issue them a surgical mask and follow specified site- specific escalation procedures.
  • Results can be documented and reported daily depending on your organizations needs.